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Tronen cargo insurance is an additional guarantee that ensures a minimum financial loss in the event of damage or loss of cargo. You have to make sure that the goods are properly packed before shipping, as the inherent nature of the damage (such as evaporation) during transportation usually exposes the shipper or the manufacturer to risks.

We calculate insurance rate by –
1. route type,
2. type of vehicle,
3. type of packaging material,
4. type of goods,
5. value of the goods.

Freight insurance covers:
  • Consequences of crash, theft, robbery and vandalism,
  • Damage caused by a natural disaster, fire or explosion,
  • Damage caused by inadvertent transport by water, land, air or rail.


Tronen cargo surveyor is an experienced professional who provides an independent opinion on the visual state of the goods in the form of a document. The condition of the cargo (method of packing, material, marking, placement of the cargo) is documented prior to the shipment, which is then compared to any discrepancy in the receipt of the cargo. In the event of a loss for either party, the main purpose of the control is to help signers obtain knowledge of the transportation scenario.


  • Warehouse inspection and risk assessment,
  • Organization of cargo loading, unloading and securing,
  • Evaluation of cargo packaging, packaging equipment and material,
  • Organization of risk mitigation and loss prevention measures,
  • Loss review and written report,
  • Evaluation of the losses,
  • Organization of damaged cargo handling.
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Tronen specialized food laboratory controls are the examinations we do before importing a food product. Laboratory tests provide accurate readings to determine supplementary units of measurement. Measuring is applicable to confectionery and other foods. They have additional requirements based on the percentage of the following ingredients:

  • Milk fat
  • Milk protein
  • Starch / Glucose
  • Sucrose / Invert Sugar / Isoglucose

*If nutrition labeling is used to determine the amount of measles, make sure that the tests are performed according to standards. Otherwise you may have to pay extra taxes.


Tronen cargo delivery is a logistics solution that allows you to receive your cargo in a shorter time after the customs declaration is made. Delivery is in accordance with international trade regulations and the CMR Convention.
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